Alpahirt Advent Calendar 2022

The Alpahirt Advent Calendar

This year we have come up with something very special for you. For the first time there is the Alpahirt Advent Calendar. Behind the 24 little doors you'll find lovely sayings, great daily discounts and six raffles.

For each individual competition you can win great prizes. If you have successfully participated in all six quizzes, you will automatically be entered into the draw to win the Main prize - an Alpahirt Salsiz subscription for a whole year worth just under CHF 250. So it's worth taking part. Of course, we always give you a helpful hint for each quiz, which will definitely lead you to the correct answer. By the way, each door is only active on the respective day.

To the Advent calendar

Nature and conscience -
our only additions

That's how I taught my son Anton Jr. and he taught my great-grandson, Adrian, and that's how he does it with Alpahirt today. Let it taste so good.

Yours Anton (Urneni from the founder and the bearded gentleman in the logo)

Christmas cow

Only 3 Weeks until Christmas!

Urneni's gift recommendations

For you, your dearest family members and friends, customers or employees.

CHF 10.00CHF 500.00
CHF 134.00
CHF 32.00
CHF 124.00
CHF 138.00
CHF 71.00
CHF 96.00
CHF 198.00
Alpahirt founder Adrian Hirt in contact with a Braunvieh cow on the Farur Alp.
Alpahirt founder Adrian Hirt in contact with a Braunvieh cow on the Farur Alp.

Hoi, we are Alpahirt.

I'm sure you hear and read a lot about "bad" beef and how it pollutes the environment. But there are actually also sustainable beef with an excellent eco-balance.

If pure nature with the highest demands on the Animal welfare and also your Health are important, you are in the right place. We feed the cows only grass for their entire lives. You will also find no additives and additiveswhich makes the meat also perfectly tolerable for most allergy sufferers.


Who is behind it?

Enjoy with a conscience

  • Meat from Grisons
  • Animal welfare always first
  • Natural grass feeding
  • Without additives & allergens

By buying our products, you support local farmers and contribute to an environment fit for grandchildren.

The founding site of Alpahirt - Tschiertschen in summer with the church in the centre and the green slopes of Schanfigg in the background.

Urneni's recommendations for you

You obviously have your tongue and your heart in the right place!

to all products...


I am Anton

Hello to you all. I am Anton, the Urneni of founder Adrian Hirt, and I will guide you through the world of Alpahirt. I am very proud of what Adrian has created here and even prouder that he learned most of it from me and my son, Adrian's Neni - first and foremost the love of animals and nature - and that from the farm to the plate. You will taste that too. Promise!

See what customers have to say about the products - right here below.
It's really good for the soul.

more about the history

What you say about us ...

The Salsiz are also a great snack during my longer services (I am a doctor). Thank you so much for your work - it is so important to promote regional and animal-friendly meat production!

Miranda S. / by e-mail

What a treat! A few days ago, I, 70 years young, once again let myself be tempted to buy a sausage in our grocery shop. [...] The very first bite brought back images of my youth, eating dry sausage with my grandfather! Simply a firework of gusto memories that were hard to grasp.

Christiane B. / by e-mail

Thank you so much and you do it soooo well, I always like to give away something from you in my environment. It's the only meat I eat.

Theresia R / by e-mail

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Become a member of the meat club.

"We would like to eat meat more consciously in the future. Can you send us some products home on a regular basis?"

That's how it all started ... with an idea from those of you who want to live more sustainably and are very happy with our products. Do you sometimes feel the same way?

As a member of the Meat Club, you regularly receive a lovingly compiled dried meat box at a preferential price directly to your home.

Alpahirt Meat Club Adrian Hirt
Alpine herdsman on the road

Alpine herdsman on the road

Do you like to go small, local markets or do you sometimes buy your groceries in the delicatessen? Then you will surely also meet us once in a while. meet near you can. 

We are always available for a chat and would be happy to introduce you to our products.