Hanni Rützler am Markentag Graubünden

Good news. 2020 will be more ecological!

Brutal Local at Mark Day Graubünden

Around 2009, I first heard about the food trend researcher, nutritionist, author and sought-after speaker Hanni Rützler. At a conference at the ZHAW in Wädenswil, where I was enrolled as a student in food technology, she was announced as the No. 1 speaker. Since then I have seen her on stage two more times and have regularly read and dealt with her "Foodreport". In doing so, she has made a significant contribution to the development of Alpahirt. Hanni Rützler has been dealing with trends in the food sector for several decades. In 2013, she was the first taster of a stem cell burger grown in the lab from animal cells. On 5 December 2019, the time had come for me to talk to her in person for the first time as part of a panel discussion on the topic of "Brutal Lokal" at the Graubünden Brand Day.

Alpahirt as a role model for future ecological and ethical meat production?

To my surprise, she already knew Alpahirt and our products very well. She confessed that she had tasted Bergsalsiz for the first time about two years ago.

It fascinated her how two dry sausages from different cows produced in exactly the same way can taste so different!

Thus, during her lecture, Ms Rützler emphasised that ethical and ecological issues would also become increasingly important in relation to nutrition in the future. The phenomena of our affluent society and the abundance associated with it trigger search movements that serve to solve current problems, satisfy culinary and social needs and, last but not least, provide orientation and differentiation. These are answers to the currently prevailing and questionable masses in agricultural and food production.

Food trends are not mainstream

Food trends, says the nutritionist, are not mainstream, not product trends and not industry trends either, but answers to current problems that reflect culture-specific longings, desires and needs.

The food trend clusters that they have created with the "futurefoodstudio"and are also drivers for the development of Alpahirt: SUSTAINABILITY, QUALITY, ENJOYMENT and GLOCAL. Under the term GLOCAL she classifies "Regional", "Urban Farming", "Brutal Local", "Seasonal Food", "Transparency", "Fusion Food", "Ethno Food" and "Hybrid Food".

One last quote from Hanni Rützler that makes me worry on the one hand and smile on the other:

"In the past you shared the food, today you share the photo."

If you are also interested in a potential future diet and would like to venture a look beyond the "edge of your plate", the future of society, economy and ecology, I recommend the current Food Report 2020 by Hanny Rützler and Wolfgang Reiter.

To the dried meat on the Food Report 2020