Mann der feiert, dass er Alpahirt Trockenfleisch bestellt hat

The perfect gift for men who already have everything

Do you know this too? A good friend of yours has a birthday in the next few days and you just don't know what present to get him - the man simply has everything already. If there is something he doesn't have yet, he just buys it. This makes it all the more difficult to find something really meaningful and personal to please him with.

Specialities from Graubünden: A great gift

Not only for men who already have everything, regional specialities are a really good choice as a gift. You are expressing your increased commitment and your deep awareness of sustainability. You show that you have really thought about it and have looked for something special as a gift. Our specialities from Graubünden - from sausages to dried meat - are just that special!

We at Alpahirt have 8 very individual gifts in our programme

We would like to present you our very special and lovingly compiled gifts made from Graubünden specialities below. The list is sorted by price:

Gift Idea #1: Top & Oho Box

In our Top & Oho Box are our absolute all-time favourites, the beef salsiz, included in two variants - twice as a pure treat and once with hemp nuts (120 g each) at a price of CHF 48.

Gift Idea #2: Starter Box 

Here we have something for you Special have come up with. In addition to a selection of our natural and super tasty beef salsiz (1x pure, 1x with chilli and 1x with hemp nuts - 120 g each), you will also find a rustic Brättli in the size 120 x 220 x 8 mm in the set. So the presentee can cut and enjoy his Salsiz in style. Price: CHF 55.00

Gift Idea #3: Salsiz Box 

Salsiz are really great as a gift - also for allergy sufferers, because all our products are always without additives and allergens! In this Set you will find 4 Salsiz à 120 g - pure, with chili, with hemp nuts and from our Limited Edition Alpine pork salsiz (while stocks last) at the price of CHF 60.

Gift idea #4: The Sausage Box

Also give away our Sausage Box. It contains all the beef salsiz and the very lean Baron. The best thing is to order the box twice and enjoy our Grisons specialities yourself. The box contains 1 x beef salsiz (120 g), 1 x Baron (160 g), 1 x beef salsiz with chilli (120 g) and 1 x beef salsiz with hemp nuts (120 g). Enjoy it for the price of CHF 73 and look forward to the delighted face of the person to whom you will give the box as a gift. 

Gift Idea #5: Nose-to-Tail Box

Everything from the cow - from the Nose to tailIn addition to a beef salsiz (120 g) and our mountain meat for Heutage (dried meat in one piece - 330 g), you will also find a jar of beef frying fat (225 g) and a leather jug coaster that you can also use as a mouse pad (diameter 210 mm) in the nose-to-tail box. The box with Grisons specialities costs CHF 125.

Gift Idea #6: The Cow Box

Cow, cow, cow ... wherever the eye looks. Our Cow Box contains four of our specialities from Graubünden: 1 x beef salsiz (120 g), 1 x baron (160 g), 1 x mountain meat for hay (330 g) and 1 x mountain meat chips (100 g). A truly beautiful gift with a selection of our customers' favourite products. For this we charge only CHF 125.

Gift Idea #7: The Tutti Quanti Box

You want to give a gift that you can't just eat? If you have a lasting impression If you want to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones, this gift is just right for you and the recipient: 1 x Baron (160 g), 1 x Bergfleisch für Heutage (330 g), 1 x Panorama Knife made of Teflon and 1 x rustic Brättli (330 x 180 x 15 mm). The price for this is CHF 170.

Gift idea #8: The supreme discipline - Our meat club

If you are completely convinced by our products and would like to give a truly special gift to a very dear person, then take a look at our Meat Club on. Here you have the option of choosing from three different subscriptions - quarterly, 2-monthly or even monthly delivery - i.e. various options from CHF 241.60 to CHF 1,542.20. 

Our products are also ideally suited for allergy sufferers

All our products are free from additives and preservatives. We also do not use pickling salt. So you and the recipient can look forward to pure, unadulterated enjoyment - without allergens and with very little fat.

Give with love.
Give with pleasure.
Giving with sustainability.
Give a gift with Graubünden.
Give with Alpahirt!

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