The best independent and sustainably working small producers have come together in the cooperation "WOHL". With our products, we want to contribute to a healthier diet and a better treatment of animals and our mother earth. 

Our aim is to bring together all small producers who work sustainably.

Do you also fulfil the charter and want to become a WOHL member? Or does an exciting company come to mind? Get in touch under

Our Charter

We, the members of the WOHL cooperation, have committed ourselves to the following:

✔ Our products are produced regionally and sustainably.

✔ We avoid unnecessary additives and use only natural ingredients.

✔ We source our raw products from sustainable companies.

Visit our partners, all producers of sustainable, lovingly made, regional Swiss food:


Handmade Organic Granola Zurich

What do we make? Organic granola
Our bestseller? No. 1 The Original
What is important to us? Quality
Our philosophy? Be happy

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Conscious nutrition without sacrificing rich taste! The vegan organic granola from NUTS AND FRIENDS convinces thanks to its high nut content, with an above-average portion of unsaturated fatty acids and is not subject to any use of refined sugar.


A wide range from fish to shoyu

What do we make? Organic miso, shoyu, tempeh and more
Our bestseller? Our Miso Pastes
What is important to us? Organic products
Our philosophy? We refine high-quality products into delicacies.

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The Pure Fish Sauce
Logo The Pure

We only use organic products that come from Switzerland or nearby countries. We pay attention to organic quality and process all products completely.


Grain & mill products from Graubünden

What do we make? Grains, flour, flakes, pasta, beer
Our bestseller? Spelt flour light
What is important to us? Strong regional value creation and anchoring
Our philosophy? Promotion of mountain farming in Graubünden

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Gran Alpin Pasta
Gran Alpin Logo

Promotion of mountain farming in Graubünden, better grain prices for producers, supply of the region with high-quality products.


Ginger Tea, Ginger Lemonade & Ginger Liqueur

What do we make? Organic ginger drinks
Our bestseller? INGWR Tea
What is important to us? Fairness, sustainability and taste
Our philosophy? INGWR - the fast fairtrade & organic alternative to peeling and chopping!

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Ingwr lemonade
ingwr logo

Aromatic and pungent organic ginger grows in the fields around Wayanad. Organically grown, gently processed and fairly traded, the ginger comes from India to Switzerland, where it is processed into INGWR tea in a small factory.


Jus, stocks and soups at star level

What do we make? Jus, sauces and soups
Our bestseller? Jus de veau
What is important to us? Authenticity, taste, pleasure and joy in the work
Our philosophy? We recycle waste products into top-quality jus and sauces.

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Le Saucier products

Everyone should have the opportunity to eat at home on their plate like in a star restaurant. Without additives and free of flavour enhancers.



What do we make? Mead (honey wine)
Our bestseller? BlackLabel NorseMet
What is important to us? The appreciation of the bee
Our philosophy? Bringing mead back to the table like beer and wine - and as the queen of wines.

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Metsiederei Eckert Products
Metsiederei Eckert Logo

We want to ensure that not a drop of the precious honey is wasted and that the bee is appreciated for its hard work.


Various BIO oils

What do we make? Hemp oil, linseed oil, linseed yolk oil, tree nut oil
Our bestseller? Hemp oil
What is important to us? Appreciative use of resources and food
Our philosophy? The shortest possible distance between cultivation, production and customers

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Oelerei oil assortment

Natural organic oils - chilled pressed - The responsible and appreciative use of resources and food is our top priority.