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We need the cow and she needs us

In this 3-part KLARETEXT series, Adrian Hirt writes about agriculture in mountain areas, the cow as a climate protector (provided it is kept properly) and excessive meat consumption and its consequences. In the 3rd and last part, approaches to solutions are proposed. 

Tagblatt | 12.2022

Meat enjoyment without remorse - WIR cover story

Alpahirt produces dried meat from Graubünden, where animal welfare is just as important as good, natural taste. Founder and owner Adrian Hirt uses a recipe from his great-grandfather - and a wealth of knowledge from the food industry.

WIR info (german) | 10.2022 WIR info (français) | 10.2022

RONDO Background - Adrian Hirt in conversation

"He talks about a meat revolution that is underway and says with a wink that he produces meat for vegetarians. What exactly he means by that and what role his great-grandfather plays in it, we find out from Adrian Hirt" says the introduction.

Tele Südostschweiz | 08.2022


Supposedly, this is what consumers want. But the curing agent also uniformises the taste. Do connoisseurs really want that?

HGZ | 07.2022

An uncured story about Grisons mountain meat and fat old cows.

Basically, he began his apprenticeship where landlords and cooks often receive fines. Adrian Hirt learned to be a chemical laboratory technician at the Cantonal Laboratory for Food Control and Environmental Protection in Chur. From a restaurateur's point of view, that's putting the cart before the horse, but what comes out at the back is usually the most important conclusion about what shouldn't go in at the front.

The Pauli Magazine | 04.2022

Adrian Hirt is a thought leader in the meat industry.
His approach: animal welfare first!

"The paradigm shift in nutrition must come, and not only for meat. More and more, cheaper, faster - that's a discontinued model." The chemical laboratory assistant and food engineer knows what he is talking about.

Gault&Millau | 04.2022

The little meat revolution

Because of Corona, people are suddenly eating meat differently. At least that's what dried meat producer Adrian Hirt thinks - and wants to profit from it. But it is not that simple. 


Old cows - good salsiz

Adrian Hirt founded Alpahirt in 2014. He sources mainly the old cows from around 80 Graubünden farms. This is used to make Salsiz and other dried meat. What drives the 36-year-old?

Country Friend | 08.2021

Is Corona changing meat consumption? Adrian Hirt believes so

For the dried meat producer, Switzerland is experiencing a revolution. The man from Graubünden is also taking on colleagues in his profession.

The Country Messenger | 08.2021

The fantastic story of Alpahirt

Adrian Hirt grew up in the small Graubünden mountain village of Tschiertschen. After graduating as a food technologist, he explored the world.


The Graubünden Trade Association awards AlpenHirt the Innovation Prize

Recently, in Tschiertschen, Grisons, the Innovation Award 2020 of the Grisons Trade Association was presented to Adrian Hirt, founder and owner of AlpenHirt AG. This award means a lot to Adrian Hirt.

FARMER'S PAPER | 11. 2020

Save your suckler cow the transport to the lowlands

The alpine summer is slowly coming to an end. Your old mother cow that has not taken in any more can be slaughtered, cut up and processed in the region. The added value remains in the canton of Graubünden. AlpenHirt makes sure of that.


What I do must be in line with my values

Adrian Hirt's vocation is the food industry. In Canada he learned about the traditional rearing of cattle and in Jamaica he worked in a butcher's shop - A portrait of the founder of AlpenHirt.

LIEWO | 8. 2020

Win-win in the new Post-Stübli

Since 4 July, Tschiertschen has had the "Post-Stübli" - located in the middle of the village. Built as a parsonage, it later served as a community centre, tourist office, post office and information point. With the restructuring of the tourism association, the opportunity arose to break new ground - and so Adrian Hirt and his Alpenhirt came into play.


The head servant

This is the adventurous story of Arthur "Thuri" Heldstab. After a long RhB career, he was already on the sidelines. But that was nothing for someone like Thuri. Fortunately, five years ago he ordered bindenfleisch (Bündnerfleisch) from the AlpenHirt in Tschiertschen. Now he is back on the main track.

CONTURA 7 | 7. 2019

A wave of solidarity

Fortunately, neither the logistics nor the stored dried meat were affected by the fire, as these areas are housed in an adjacent building. "That was the great luck." Because that means: "Online sales can continue and the partners can continue to be supplied." And Adrian Hirt also says quite openly: "If someone wants to help the team and me, the best thing they can do is order our products. That's what we get the most out of.


Adrian Hirt and the destroyed life's work

The fire that raged in Tschiertschen on Sunday destroyed most of Adrian Hirt's livelihood. Not much is left of his Alpenhirt-Lädeli. Nevertheless, Hirt is confident.


Salsiz like with the great-grandfather

AlpenHirt's original products - various types of Salsiz, mountain or Bündnerfleisch - fit the current zeitgeist. More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and trace the value chain. At Hirt, a food engineer who has also worked as a butcher in Jamaica, everything is transparent: he only processes animals from farms in the neighbourhood that are fed with farm and alpine fodder. Hirt does not use additives, pickling salt or sugar. Instead, he uses red wine, alpine salt and spices, just as his urni Toni Hassler once did.


The next revolution concerns nutrition

Sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world to arrive. At least that was the case for Adrian Hirt. After being away from home for 10 years, working for the pharmaceutical industry, training as a food engineer, doing an internship as a butcher, driving cows with horse and lasso in Canada and finally being fired as the manager of a large butchery in Jamaica, he was overcome with the certainty that he had to start his own business.

RON ORP | 11. 2018

Why Alpahirt?

Learn more about our history and why we do what we do,