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In the mountain leather category, you'll find everything that the Graubünden mountain cow has to offer besides the Dried meat and the Frying fat and the rest of the world's finest.

The mountain leather collection "At the table" offers everything around the most beautiful time of the day: the meal. The leather was tanned purely vegetable, without chrome, in an old pit tannery. We are proud to really process the cow in its entirety - we owe it that and it also corresponds to our idea of sustainability.

You can find more information about mountain leather in our Blog.

Sustainability in its most beautiful form.

CHF 140.00

Mountain leather

Placemat / Desk Pad

CHF 98.00

Mountain leather

Napkin ring

CHF 25.00

Mountain leather

Glass coaster

CHF 20.00

Mountain leather

Mug Coaster / Mouse Pad

CHF 35.00

Mountain leather


CHF 58.00