Beef salsiz with Bündner Chili

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Content: min. 120 g

100 % Beef jerky

Taste profile
Can you remember your last hike? The break before you tackled the last metres of altitude?
Why not pack this beef salsiz with Grisons chilli for your next outing - you and your companions will be delighted with the delicious refreshment. The noble and subtle chilli flavour harmonises perfectly with the meaty taste of the Bündner Rindsalsiz. Accompanied by tasty bread, good cheese and a refreshing drink.
The organic chilli from Graubünden for this beef salsiz is supplied by "Cala Chili"a small Grisons start-up based in Igis. The robust chilli variety "Fuego" also grows excellently in our latitudes and can therefore be planted in a greenhouse in Untervaz, harvested and processed in Igis. And thus combines unique taste with a large portion of Graubünden.

The "beef salsiz with Bündner chilli" is well tolerated even by most children. The vitamin C contained in the chilli helps to better absorb the iron from the meat, and the capsaicin in turn helps to digest the meat better. So you see, we have thought about something. Animal welfare and your health are close to our hearts!

Ingredients: Mountain beef, wine, Alpine salt, spices, 0.5 % Grisons chilli, natural casing from beef intestine. Without curing agents such as nitrite and nitrate / without additives / without allergens.

Nutritional values per 100 g: 1435 kJ / 344 kcal Energy; 21 g Fat; 0 g Carbohydrates; 39 g Protein; 5.2 g Salt

With the purchase of the beef salsiz with Grisons chilli you donate CHF 1 to the VNTS. The "Verein Nationaltier Schweiz" (Swiss National Animal Association) aims to ensure that Swiss cows are kept in a manner appropriate to their nature and fed naturally, and in particular that they are kept in a respectful, appreciative and animal-friendly manner. Here you can find out more.

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100 % Beef jerky

Our dried meat comes from an average 10-year-old cow that had 8 offspring and was allowed to spend 7 summers on Graubünden's alps.


100% Grisons

All Alpahirt cows come from suckler cow farms in Graubünden. The animals were fed only with the farm's own fodder.


Pickling salt and sugar stay outside

For our meat products, we use exclusively and uncompromisingly natural ingredients - no additives, no allergens.

Alpahirt Cow Surselva

No Waste

What we do, we do right. That's why we always use the whole animal. Nose to tail.

Read more about our mission and how Alpahirt is shaping the meat revolution taking place here:

Our mission
Enjoy Alpahirt dried meat with red wine

Storage note

Store the dried meat in a cool cellar or refrigerator. Remove the plastic completely after opening. Wrap cut pieces in a slightly damp, clean linen or cloth towel or re-vacuum them.

With longer storage periods white to light grey noble mould. No need to worry: It protects the meat during maturing and can be enjoyed - or wiped off.

To allow the flavours to develop optimally, we recommend tempering the noble piece 20 minutes before enjoying it.

Enjoy Alpahirt dried meat with red wine