Meat slicer walnut

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Cut off large slices - without electricity. With the salami slicer you can cut easily, stylishly and quickly.

The interchangeable quality blade from Victorinox was specially made for this purpose. It guarantees a long life and the perfect cut - whether wafer-thin or thick. For cleaning, remove the knife carriage effortlessly with a single movement.

Mass planer
L: 37.5 cm / W: 17.5 cm / H: 15 cm

Do you sometimes have visitors? Do you like to entertain guests but want to spend time with them rather than in the kitchen?

A fine bottle of wine, a piece of good dried meat from the alpine herdsman and the right slicer to go with it. What more do you need?

So you can spend time with your loved ones and not in the kitchen!

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