Hello, it's me again, your Anton, the Urneni from the owner Adrian. Today I would like to introduce you to the Alpahirt team.

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Adrian Hirt, founder of Alpahirt, in the meat chamber where the Bündnerfleisch dries.

Adrian Hirt
Founder, Owner, Managing Director

Nature and an enjoyable and healthy diet are my most important sources of strength. I make no compromises in this respect!

My favourite product is the Beef salsiz with Bündner Chili.

Nicole Niederberger

Nicole Niederberger
Member of the Board of Directors







Livio Götz

Livio Götz
Sales Manager Business Customers

Alpahirt products are fine, healthy and sustainable, which is why I can stand behind them 100 %. Customer satisfaction is my top priority, so I love to give my best day after day.

My favourite product is the Mountain meat.

Lilo Wenk
Sales employee business customers

Vincent Hahl
Taster & Sustainability Researcher

As a child of the Alps, I am a fan of cows and agriculture that is suitable for grandchildren. My driving force is my curiosity, which I get to live out to the full at Alpahirt.

My favourite product is the Mountain meat.

Sergio Greco

Sergio Greco
Sales employee business customers

Marc Kreuzer

Marc Kreuzer
Chief Brand Development

Respect for people, animals and nature are extremely important to me, which is why I can fully stand behind Alpahirt and am happy to be part of the team and full of motivation to help the company move forward.

My favourite product is the Beef salsiz.

Rina Schwander
Taster region berne

All farm animals should be allowed to live in a way that corresponds to their nature. Additives have no place in processed meat products. Full stop!

My favourite product is the Baron.

Oliver Schlupp
Creative Head & Scribbler

Alpahirt has changed my view of meat. I am grateful to be part of it, when we show the world how to produce sustainable meat in a way that is true to its nature and fair.

My favourite product is the Beef salsiz.

Simon Peter
Back office support

I think it's nice that Alpahirt makes sure that the animals we eat are kept as species-appropriate as possible. That's why I like to support Alpahirt with various administrative tasks.

Michael Schlecht
Product packaging designers & videos

Love Chauhan
Webshop Master

Technology is the key to reaching customers. I take care of the technical part of the website to ensure hassle-free orders for customers.

All good, now I want to discover products.
Urneni Alpahirt at the Bull Market
Alpahirt figurative mark Meat from GR

How it all began?

This goes back to 1896 - the birth year of our founder Anton Hassler. Also known as the "Urneni" (great-grandfather). You can find out more here: