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Adrian Hirt Gründer von Alpahirt in der Fleischkammer wo das Bündnerfleisch trocknet

Adrian Hirt
Founder, Owner, Managing Director

081 511 84 99


Livio Götz

Livio Götz
Sales Manager Business Customers

081 511 84 94


Andrea Werth

Andrea Caluori
Customer service employee (part-time)


Sergio Greco

Sergio Greco
Sales employee business customers (part-time)


Nicole Niederberger

Nicole Niederberger
Member of the Board of Directors

All good, now I want to discover products.
Urneni Alpahirt am Stiermarkt
Alpahirt Bildmarke Fleisch aus GR

How it all began?

This goes back to 1896 - the birth year of our founder Anton Hassler. Also known as the "Urneni" (great-grandfather). You can find out more here: