The Alpahirt standard

Alpahirt only processes older animals from Grisons suckler cow farms. The animals are fed only with the farm's own fodder. No additives or processing aids are permitted at Alpahirt. No pickling salt, no sugar and nothing else is used. Red wine, Swiss Alpine salt and natural spices are all that is needed for complete enjoyment. The most important thing, however, is the healthy, older animal itself.

Adrian Hirt kontrolliert das Alpahirt Trockenfleisch in der Trocknerei


✔ Alpahirt only processes Grisons organic mother cows that have been fed naturally.

Since the farmer does not generate his income from the milk price but from the sale of calves and cattle, he does not need to add concentrated feed.

✔ Dehorning of calves from suckler cow husbandry is not carried out. 

✔ The milk of the mother cow is reserved exclusively for her calf.

✔ The average Alpahirt cow lived to be 10 years old, had 8 offspring and enjoyed 7 summers on Graubünden Alps.

The land consumption of this type of farming - especially in mountain areas and without (mostly imported) concentrated feed - is much smaller than in conventional milk production. The mother cows spend 100 days every summer on the alp - which would otherwise not be farmed.

✔ The negative environmental impacts are massively lower than in conventional production due to the form of husbandry supported and promoted by Alpahirt!

Comparison of selected criteria with the Bio Suisse guideline

Type of farming


  • The calf stays with the mother until slaughtering
  • Grazing according to suckler cow-CH guidelines

Organic Suisse

  • The species-specific needs must be taken into account
  • Grazing & free outdoor exercise



  • Very short battle distances of mostly less than 20 km

Organic Suisse

  • Decentralised slaughter possible



  • Only feed from the farm or, if necessary, from regional sources is allowed. No imported concentrated feed.

Organic Suisse

  • The animals shall be fed in a manner appropriate to their species

Age / Offspring & Summering



  • At least 4 years old, average 10 years old
  • At least 2 offspring, average 8 offspring
  • At least 2 alpine summerings, on average 7 alpine summerings

Organic Suisse

  • No specifications / example "Natura-Beef": 10 months
  • No specifications on offspring
  • No requirements for alpine summering

Ingredients & additives during processing


  • Only ingredients: Red wine, salt, spices
  • Additives and processing aids are not permitted

Organic Suisse

  • Generally no non-organic ingredients allowed
  • Additives and processing aids are to be avoided if possible.
  • Nitrite (pickling salt), maltodextrin, dextrose (glucose, dextrose), other sugars and other processing aids are permitted.



  • Thanks to cow transparency, each piece is traceable on request

Organic Suisse

  • Traceability from the slaughterhouse to the producer guaranteed


AlpenHirt Zertifikat Pro Cert

Organic is better than conventional, Demeter is better than organic, regenerative agriculture with a closed cycle is probably even better than Demeter. Or?

According to, there are 81 food labels in Switzerland alone (August 2020)! Let's be honest - who still has an overview? Regenerative agriculture is not even a label, but rather an attitude. Our philosophy is that less is more. The only certification Alpahirt has is the one according to the Alp and Mountain Ordinance (BAIV).

What does that mean exactly?

✔ The entire value added for milk and dairy products as well as meat and meat products must take place in the summering or mountain area.

✔ At least 70% of the feed for ruminants must come from the summering or mountain area.

The animals must spend at least 2/3 of their lives in the summering or mountain area.

If possible, all ingredients of agricultural origin must come from the summering or mountain area.

The production of the products must take place in the summering or mountain area.


Our certificate

Here you can find our PDF BAIV certificate.

Here you can go to the Mountain and Alpine Ordinance (BAIV).

Documents to be completed by each Alpahirt farmer:

Farm survey form
Confirmation mountain zone conformity

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